I was born at a very young age…then I grew up. Now I’m a System Administrator at Duke University Health Systems and living happily in Cary, NC. I’ve taken a lot of twists and turns to get here and learned a handful of things along the way. I married my amazing wife, Stephanie, in May of 2010 and finally got myself a partner to go through this crazy life with. I’ve met more incredible people than I can count on two hands, and feel so very blessed to be where I am today.

A lot of things about me haven’t changed since I wrote on this about page nearly 7 years ago. I’m still a super geek with an unhealthy obsession with technology and all things nerdy. I still love Star Wars, my comic collection has grown exponentially, I’ve ran a successful 5 year long podcast with my co-host/sister-in-law/best bud Ashley, I still strive to learn more, and I still believe Jesus loves me. My hair has a receded a bit, and I may have lost some punk rock edge (not like I had any), but I’m still kicking.

I’m absolutely obsessed with technology and movies, and I remember more about those things that I ever should. I have a lot of loves in my life, and I am incredibly grateful that I can even say that. I’m super excited about the things in my life that haven’t been revealed to me it, and when looking back, I tend to only remember the great things that have happened to me. Collected in this blog are a handful of those things. I don’t post often, but I tend to jump back on the wagon every so often. The more posts I get, the more I enjoy looking back at where I’ve been. I hope you enjoy what I have to say, but if not, that’s cool. I do this for me 🙂