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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an amazing game. It’s nothing new, and I’ve payed it before, but for whatever reason it really hooked me this time. I picked it up shortly after it initially came out and I was knee deep in new baby stuff and life just wasn’t quite as friendly to video game time as…

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I have a had a blast picking up the hobby of streaming video games online. A while back, Ashley and I decided to open up the stuff we do on the internet to more content. For me, it didn’t feel right for that content to all be labeled Horseshoes & Hand Grenades. Our show has…

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Of Star Wars and Skyrim

I just realized that I have yet to write a blog post about what may very well be the most culturally significant announcement of this year. Nevermind that its only January. Legendary, TV/Movie director and creative genius JJ Abrams will be directing Star Wars Episode VII!! I found it hard to believe that they would…

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Sim City

I got into the beta to the newest edition of Sim City! I spent some time playing it today really enjoyed myself. I’m pretty sure that’s the only thing that I did today that’s really significant. I’ve been trying to play the game since early this morning but the servers have been blocking logins all…

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Assassin’s Creed!

I beat it! But not before it stole me away from blogging again. So here I am in the bed blogging from my iPhone. Not the optimal way to go about it. But I must do what I can. Which is not much. AC3 was great. Look to tomorrow for a regularly scheduled rambling.

New Year’s Creed

I decided that this year I would try to spend a bit more time blogging about stuff, or just writing in general. So where better to start than on my blog on the first day of this brand new year. I don’t think this is the first time I’ve written this out or decided that…

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2011 Geek Week

I don’t know who timed this majestic week in the life of nerds everywhere, but they did something right. If you don’t live in the same circle of heaven that I do right now, it’s because you’re not paying attention to the news coming out of E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) and Apple’s World Wide Developer…

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5000 Meters

Aha! The blog is still here with just a little dust sprinkled on the cover. Sometimes you just don’t feel like writing, and sometimes those times last for a very long time. Wow, I used “time” a lot in that last sentence. Well, let’s get right down to it then, shall we? I would like…

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Xbox, How I Missed Thee

This post is going to kind of work as a supplement to my “Broken Addiction” post from a few days ago. Among the things I mentioned that I have time to do now, considering I no longer have to think about WoW, is the ability to enjoy some other games. I’ve been playing the crap…

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Touch Me

Okay, before you freak out over the title of this post, I’m talking about computers with touch surfaces. Got your attention though didn’t I? I just read one of the coolest articles about computer and technology that I’ve read in a while. It was all about revolutionizing table-top gaming. That’s right, D&D with computers! This…

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